Prescription for Success Program™
A practical and interactive business course
on how to run a practice!

Session I- The Business of Chiropractic

November 12 & 13 CMCC 9:00 to 5:00

  • Creating your business plan
  • Managing debt (during and after CMCC)
  • Financing a practice
  • Evaluating a practice for sale
  • Understanding the various statements and statistics
  • Making realistic cash flow projections
  • Setting up your books
  • Using your numbers to spot trends and make sound business decisions
  • Finding and managing the right staff to support you

Session II- Attracting and Retaining Patients
January 8 & 9 CMCC 9:00 to 5:00

  • Learning how to create a good marketing plan
  • Identifying important information needed before you attempt to market
  • Developing and using a marketing plan
  • Networking & building relationships within the community
  • Delivering a winning health care class
  • Creating various promotional tools for the clinic
  • Conducting special events both in and outside the practice
  • Learning how to conduct an excellent initial, r.o.f. and subsequent visit, asking for referrals
  • Transitioning the patient from critical to corrective to maintenance/support care

Here are a couple of testimonials from previous participants:

"I found that listening and talking to the presenters kept me inspired and motivated with school.” K. Tibor CMCC Student

“I found the program very helpful since I had no business training when it came to practicing after graduating. I found the information very practical and implementable.” D. Sacks D.C.

“I found that listening and talking to different chiropractors keeps me inspired and motivated with school.” K. Tibor 3rd yr. CMCC

Session I
Student rate $475 plus gst
D.C. rate $500 plus gst
Session II
Student rate $475 plus gst
D.C. rate $500 plus
Complete Program
Student rate $850 plus gst
D.C. rate $900 plus gst
Before Oct. 28th
Student rate $750
D.C. rate $800

Receive detailed binders, one on one consulting and students can repeat the course until one year after graduation!

Practising D.C.s can repeat the course one additional time.

Self-study version also available. Please ask for details.