"I purchased my clinic a couple of years ago and hired The Gibraltar Group to improve my financial standing with the bank and to assist me in management decisions. They helped me set and achieve aggressive but reachable goals. Dr. Saunder's medical experience was as helpful as his management and marketing skills. The clinic has grown steadily and I am confident much of it is due to the consulting offered to me by The Gibraltar Group." Dr. Redford

"After coming back from maternity leave, I needed to regroup, rethink and revive my practice. So I went to a Gibraltar Group seminar which helped me figure out how. I became a client and through their help, I was able to make some necessary changes. It was a very worthwhile and positive experience for me." Dr. Joshi

"I just wanted to say thank you for all the help and support. I have five reasons for recommending you to other practitioners. Your services are scalable and are able to adapt with me and my growing practice. Your practical working knowledge can be directly applied to the practice. You have an excellent network of resources. You give your clients great benefits such as attending workshops and seminars at no additional cost. Finally, I am treated as an individual with specific goals and needs. To summarize, you have made my role as a practice owner easier and more manageable by providing personable, effective and at times, critical support and advice." Dr. Chan