Accounting and Bookkeeping Services
It is important to have your financial information up to date so that you can make informed decisions and monitor trends affecting your practice.
Need the practice valued for purchase or sale purposes?  Banks will require an appraisal from an independent third party regardless of the sale price!  Have an existing appraisal which could use a second look?  Let us know!

Business Plans
A business plan is a tool that should not only be written once, but reviewed quarterly and updated annually.

Marketing Plans
Knowing who your clients are and how to reach them is not something that just happens. Successful practitioners always remember who keeps them in practice. What have you done for your clients or patients lately?

Demographic Studies
Where is your practice located? Who lives and works in the area? What are the opportunities for future growth and development?

Profitability Analysis
Are you making or losing money at the end of the day?

Communication Skills
Can you clearly deliver your message?

Proper Financing
Does your credit line equal 3 months of billings? Did you ask the bank for enough money? Without proper financing in place, a practice cannot take advantage of opportunities or weather bad storms